GFN Steam Update May 28 – 20 Games Opt In

Games Opting Into GFN Talos Principle II, Dordogne, The Repair House

Another week has passed, which means it is time to once again check in on all the games on Steam that have opted into GeForce NOW (GFN). This week was light in big existing titles, but 20+ games did still opt in.

As always, it is important to note that this doesn’t mean that these games are 100% guaranteed to arrive on GeForce NOW. What it means is that the the publishers are willing to have the games added. It’s still up to NVIDIA to put in the work to bring the games to the service.

Typically 15-25 titles opt in to the service on Steam, while GFN appears to have the bandwidth to add about 5-10 per week. That means a backlog of games are building up to be added!

Steam Games Opted in to GFN This Week

The theme of this weeks list is upcoming/unreleased games! 11 games that are yet to be released on Steam have opted in. Here is the full list of Steam games that have opted into GFN this week.

DEATHLOOP, Grounded and Pentiment are of course no surprise – as they are Xbox titles that arrived on the service this week.

Pacific Drive New, Aliens Dark Descent, Monospaced Lovers, Dordogne, The Repair house, Brickadia, Neva , Stargate: Timekeepers, Ships At Sea and Combat Mission: Red Thunder are all upcoming games on the platform.


The highlight of this weeks list is probably The Talos Principle and The Talos Principle 2. The games are first person puzzle titles set in beautiful environments. The games and puzzles have a philosophical theme to them that require you think outside the box.

The Talos Principle 2 Game Banner

The Repair House is an upcoming titles from the creator of PC Building simulator, while The Aquarist looks to be a simulator for an aquarium builder.

The Repair House is a new  Sim Game  from PC Building Simulator Creators

You can also check out our past weekly lists of games that have opted into to GFN! They list 100s of games in total.


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