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System Shock (2023), developed by Nightdive Studios and published by Prime Matter, is a remake of the 1994 classic that set the standard for immersive simulation and sci-fi horror. This remake is not just a simple graphical update, but a complete overhaul that respects the original while introducing modern gameplay mechanics and visuals.

As Eerie as Ever

From the moment you boot up System Shock, you’re immediately drawn into its world. The game’s opening sequence, which sees you waking up from a coma on a seemingly abandoned space station, is chilling and atmospheric. The silence is punctuated by the occasional distant clank, creating a sense of dread throughout the entire game.

The story, while largely unchanged from the original, is still as compelling as ever. The narrative unfolds through audio logs and emails found throughout the station. Allowing you to piece together what happened in your absence. The game’s antagonist, SHODAN, remains one of the most memorable villains in video game history, with her cold, calculating demeanor.

A Gorgeous New Look

The graphics have been given a significant upgrade. With the Citadel Station now boasting a level of detail that was unimaginable in the original game. The environments are richly detailed and atmospheric, with dynamic lighting and shadows that add a new layer of realism. The character models, too, have been revamped, with the game’s various mutants and cyborgs now looking more terrifying than ever.

The sound design is another area where System Shock shines. The game’s ambient sounds do an excellent job of creating a sense of unease. While the voice acting, particularly that of SHODAN, is sublime. The soundtrack, which is a mix of eerie ambient tracks and pulse-pounding electronic beats, is perfect for the on-screen action.

Perfect Mix of Gameplay Elements

Gameplay-wise, System Shock retains the mix of first-person shooting, exploration, and puzzle-solving, but with several key improvements. The games controls have been updated, making it easier for those just starting out. The inventory system, too, has been simplified, allowing for easier management of items and weapons.

In terms of difficulty, System Shock offers a challenging but fair experience. The game’s enemies are tough, requiring you to think and make good use of your resources. The puzzles, too, are well designed and satisfying to solve, providing a nice change of pace from the combat.


In conclusion, System Shock (2023) is a perfect remake that respects the original while making key improvements in all the right areas. Whether you’re a fan of the original or not, this is one game that you won’t want to miss. It’s a testament to the quality of the original that it can be remade nearly 30 years later and still feel fresh. Nightdive Studios has done a fantastic job.

System Shock


System Shock – Cloud Gaming Review
Fun Factor


Overall, System Shock (2023) is a masterpiece that is sure to please the fans of the original and newcomers alike. It is a must-play for any fan of immersive sims, sci-fi horror, or first-person shooters.


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