15 Team 17 games Arrive on Blacknut

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Updated! The 15 Team 17 titles have arrived now arrived on Blacknut. Some fantastic games have hit the cloud subscription service. The titles are:

Many of these titles used to be on Stadia or Luna and Game Pass but departed. You won’t go wrong with any of these.

Announcement Post

In a tweet earlier this week Blacknut announced a new partnership with Team 17 to bring 15 of their titles to the Blacknut all you can eat play cloud game service.

The tweet doesn’t announce what all 15 games will be, but the video along with the tweet does reveal 7 of the titles.

Yooka Laylee Game Capture
Yooka-Laylee Returns to Cloud Game Subscriptions with Blacknut

Fans of Cloud gaming will recognize a couple of the above as popular Stadia titles while a couple others are recent Amazon Luna departures. All of the titles can be played via GeForce NOW, users would have to purchase all of the games individually from Steam. With Blacknut, you can play all of these titles (and the other 8 Team 17 games that are on the way) plus over 500 other titles for one monthly subscription fee.

Like Amazon’s Luna+ channel however, you won’t be able to earn achievements from playing games via Blacknut. Still, as far as the all you can play services go, it is tough to beat Blacknut’s deal.


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