The Abxylute Handheld Gaming Device Gets a Triple Treat Black Friday Deal


The Abxylute handheld gaming device currently has a trio of special offers as part of Abxylute’s Black Friday offerings.

First off the Abxylute Handheld is currently at its lowest price point ever, you can get the 32GB model for £154 and the 64GB model for £162.

Second, the first 50 customers who purchase the Abxylute Handheld as part of the Black Friday deal, will receive a free tempered glass screen protector for the device.

The third treat, anyone who purchases the Abxylute Handheld during the Black Friday offer, will also receive a code to get 50% off of a Boosteroid membership.

On top of all this, a range of Abxylute accessories is also currently on sale, including thumb grips, a charging dock, and even a carry bag.

The Black Friday offers are in place until November 27th.

The Abxylute Handheld is a dedicated device for cloud streaming, it features a 7″ 1080p screen with a 60Hz refresh rate. It also has an 8-hour battery life, Hall Effect joysticks, and is also Gyro-supported.

As the device is Android-operated, it will support all the top cloud gaming services such as GeForce NOW, Amazon Luna, Xbox Cloud Gaming, Boosteroid, and even PS Remote Play.

You can check out the Abxylute Handheld, along with the Black Friday deals HERE.

Also, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for Cloud Dosage as we just have a review for the device in the not-too-distant future.


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