The Alters Gameplay Revealed, Coming To Game Pass In 2024

Developer 11 Bit Studios has revealed the first look gameplay trailer for its upcoming title, The Alters.

It was also confirmed that it will be available on both Xbox and PC Game Pass when the game launches this year.

The Alters will thrust players into the role of Jan Dolski as he bids to survive on a treacherous planet. Jan seeks refuge in a mobile base, however, the base cannot be maintained by just a single person alone. Jan however has discovered a substance called Rapidium on the planet he is on and using the quantum computer located in the mobile base, he discovers that he can use this new substance to create alternate versions of himself.

These alternate versions of Jan are known as The Alters and they each feature a unique skillset needed to help repair and maintain the base as well crafting and mining precious resources. However, each Alter comes with their own unique emotions and goals which will open the door for potential disruption!


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