The First Paid Expansion For DREDGE Arrives This November


Team 17 has announced the details of the first paid expansion for its horror fishing title, DREDGE.

DREDGE: The Pale Reach will be released on November 16th and cost £5.99. It will take players to a brand new treacherous and icy biome, where they will need to utilize new equipment in order to tackle this new expanse.

Players will need to trawl The Pale Reach’s freezing depths and traverse its canyons as they follow in the footsteps of a doomed expedition that has been lost to time. There will also be 11 new species of fish and crab to hunt as well as their deviated counterparts.

DREDGE has already received three free updates that were released earlier this year, The Pale Reach however will be the first paid content expansion for the game.

DREDGE is available to play in the cloud on both Boosteroid and GeForce NOW.


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