The Last Worker Goes Live on Utomik Cloud, Blue Fire Gets Balance of Justice Update

Utomik has made the highly-anticipated narrative adventure game The Last Worker available on its platform. The game, which has just released as of today, is now available for players to explore via Utomik Cloud. Not only that, but beloved indie platformer Blue Fire has also been updated. Adding the Balance of Justice update added to the service. This way, Utomik users can enjoy the improved version of the game via the cloud.

The Last Worker available day one on Utomik

The Last Worker is a unique game that borrows elements from popular titles such as Borderlands, while also adding its own flair and personality to the mix. The game tells the story of Kurt, the last employee of the world’s biggest online retailer in a world, that has been decimated by capitalism. Players will also get to meet Kurt’s co-bot Skew, who adds to the game’s energy and humor.

As players navigate through the game’s levels, they will collect and send out products ordered by customers. All while slowly uncovering the dark side of the company Kurt has dedicated his life to. The game’s storyline is designed to give players plenty of food for thought as they grapple with the themes of capitalism, survival, and making a difference.

One of the standout features of The Last Worker is its hand-crafted art and voice acting, which brings the game’s characters and world to life. The game’s attention to detail and unique storytelling make it a must-play for fans of narrative-driven adventure games.

Along with The Last Worker, Utomik has also added two other games. Golden Rails 3: Road to Klondike and Insider Tales: The Stolen Venus. Great titles for players who are looking for a more casual gaming experience. Sadly, those games are not available via their cloud offerings.

Blue Fire gets updated

The popular action-adventure game Blue Fire has received the “Balance of Justice” update on Utomik. The update brings a host of improvements and new features to the game, making it an even more immersive and enjoyable experience for players. Among the highlights of the update are a new Alpha Umbra tunic, level design improvements, and intended path enhancements.

The update also includes difficulty balancing, adjustments to enemy and boss positions, and new filters for Camera Mode. Additionally, environment art has been enhanced with polish and new props, while light and post-process enhancements add to the game’s visual appeal.

Players can now parry lasers, and bosses hit react animation has been improved. The game percentage has been fine-tuned, and all cutscenes are now skippable once the game is beaten. Pouch limits have been increased, and all quests now update correctly. Finally, it also includes tons of bug fixes and general clean-up. With improvements made to audio, cameras, collision, localization, NPCs, safe points, item locations, and more.

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