The Plane Effect and ConnecTank Land on Utomik Cloud

The Plane Effect and ConnecTank arrive at Utomik Cloud

Update December 30th: Joggernauts is also now available on Utomik Cloud. This couch co-op game can be played alone for a challenge or with friends for added chaos. Navigate the levels and switch between your cute alien characters to overcome color-coded obstacles.

Just a day before Christmas Eve, Utomik surprises us with two new additions to its library of Cloud games. More games are also available on Utomik as of recently, but keep in mind that not all releases make its way to their cloud library. Utomik has different catalogs between PC, mobile and cloud. Still, some games are available on multiple libraries. Those who have access to their Cloud subscription, can also enjoy the PC library, but not the other way around. However, our website specializes in Cloud Gaming, so for now, let’s take a look at the latest arrivals on Utomik Cloud: The Plane Effect and ConnecTank.

The Plane Effect

Developed by Innovina/StudioKiku and published by PQube Games. The Plane Effect presents us a dystopian isometric adventure. Follow the story of a lonely office worker as he attempts to return home in the face of impossible odds. Experience a remarkable journey expertly brought to life with gorgeous visuals, crafted and tailored by VFX experts.


Developed by YummyYummyTummy and Tamatin Entertainment, and published by Natsume. ConnecTank is an action game for one to four players where you step inside a big honking tank. Link conveyor belts together, craft ammo, and put out fires as you battle rival tanks to help Finneas Fat Cat deliver packages. Build new tanks and take jobs in an ever-changing world. Play ConnecTank now on Utomik Cloud.

Additionally, some titles have been added to their list of upcoming releases. We’ll let you know if any of those make its way to Utomik Cloud:

  • Exorcist
  • Hello Venice
  • Necrosmith
  • Our World is Ended

As always, remember that new accounts can enjoy a 14-days free trial. That’s a perfect way to try Utomik Cloud and check out both The Plane Effect and ConnecTank. Click here to see all Utomik news. Also, remember to follow us on Twitter and Mastodon to stay always up-to-date regarding the latest cloud gaming news.



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