Top Games On Netflix Based On Netflix TV Series

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Netflix has been slowly building up its game portfolio since 2021 by developing and publishing games based on its own IP and acquiring established studios. In this article, I will be going over the best games on Netflix that are based on Netflix TV Series. I will be making two simple rules for this list. Rule one is if the franchise has more than one game then only one game can appear on this list; so, don’t expect to see all three “Stranger Things” games or both “Too Hot To Handle” games. Rule two is that the game must have originated as a Netflix show. So, Netflix-owned games like “Oxenfree” or “Dungeon Boss Respawned” won’t be on this list.

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Nailed It Baking Bash Is A Fun Baking Game

Let’s start with a bit of a random game based on a popular Netflix show, “Nailed It Baking Bash”. In this game, you bake cakes and have to try and make the cakes as accurate as the picture you’ve been given. “Nailed It Baking Bash” has four core countries and has multiple challenges within each country including a challenge where you make a cake in the design of The Day Of The Dead. This is an interesting addition to Netflix’s game roster. It’s nice to see that even some of the harder shows to adapt into games have gotten those gaming adaptions.

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Stranger Things 1984 Is The Original Stranger Things Game. And, It Is Arguably The Best

Okay, now we’re looking at one of the first Netflix Games on the platform. It comes from before Netflix even owned a game studio! In 2017, to capitalize on the popularity of the “Stranger Things” TV series, Netflix teamed up with now defunct developer BonusXP who developed “Stranger Things 1984” to celebrate the first season. This game is the first of three games based on “Stranger Things” and is the best (in my opinion) as it is a simple action game that follows the first season of the show it’s based on.

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The Queen’s Gambit Chess Is A Different Kind Of Chess Game:

When “The Queen’s Gambit” hit screens back in 2020 not many people necessarily expected that three years later there would be a video game based on the popular miniseries. Alongside a fun multiplayer experience that lets you match against your friends, there is also a helpful tutorial and a surprising story mode unlike most chess games. This game did have some teething issues when it launched back in July, but the game is a lot more stable now and is worth checking out. Whether you want to use it to gain knowledge of chess or to outsmart your friends, this game is definitely worth adding to your playlist.

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Too Hot To Handle 2 Outshines Its Predecessor:

Okay, this one will be a little controversial considering how popular the original “Too Hot To Handle Love Is A Game” is, but hear me out. Whilst both “Too Hot To Handle” games are essentially the same gameplay-wise and in graphics the main reason you should play this game over its predecessor, is the more in-depth customization of your character. This game is definitely worth checking out if you enjoy dating simulation games. Just make sure you don’t play it in front of your parents!

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Vikings Valhalla Is A Fun Strategy Game:

“Vikings Valhalla” is a Netflix series that easily deserved a video game adaptation. I mean people really do like their Viking simulation games. In “Vikings Valhalla,” you build out a settlement and have to decide whether you play strategically or just throw all your warriors into the fray and see what happens. You can also join your friends in an online multiplayer match and engage in more big battles to send your enemies to Valhalla.

Final Thoughts:

Netflix Games has built up a library of almost eighty games and with Netflix having such a wide range of IP it made sense for Netflix to adapt several TV series into video games. Hopefully, Netflix will be able to balance out its game library with more games based on their other content but also brand new IPs and franchises.


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