Turbo Golf Racing Is On Par To Launch Into 1.0 This April

turbo golf

Hugecalf Studios has announced that their racing-golf title, Turbo Golf Racing, will tee off on its 1.0 update on April 4th 2024.

The 1.0 update will kick off with the launch of the brand-new ‘Launch Party’ season which will feature 40 new rewards for players to unlock including two new car bodies. There will also be 10 new levels for players to take part in across the existing biomes.

A new 8-player version of gold mode will be added to the game. This will see players compete head to head over 5 levels, with the player with the fewest shots winning.

There is also a new passive core ability being added, the Dash and Smash core makes car dashes stronger. Adding this new core now takes the possible in-game unique core combinations up to 150!

Garage load-outs will also be added, allowing players to save their cosmetic set-ups. The Urban, Wild and Industrial in-game environments have also been given a refresh that will make them more instinctive.

In addition to all the new features, the 1.0 update will also bring new missions, items, timed events and bug fixes.

Turbo Golf Racing is currently available to play in the cloud on Xbox Cloud Gaming and GeForce NOW.


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