Ubisoft Details The Improvements Coming to The Crew Motrofest

Season 2 for Ubisoft’s open-world racing title, The Crew Motorfest, is set to kick off on December 6th.

Alongside Season 2, there will also be some improvements and quality-of-life changes coming to the game that are based on player feedback:


We have heard you loud and clear! We are going to give you the ability to toggle Replayers (also known as Ghost Cars) on or off in Season 2.


We know some of you have voiced their will to customize your guidance even more, so we’re giving you the possibility to tweak CARA’s voice settings:

  • Switch Guidance ON/OFF
  • Switch Playlist Introductions ON/OFF
  • Switch extra voice lines ON/OFF


In Season 2 we will be giving you the ability to switch parts between vehicles of the same category.


We have also understood that our current reward flow for the game may feel too long. We have reworked it to give you all a better understanding of the rewards you get after your activities, we’ve shortened the duration, and this new flow will allow you to compare yourself with your friends.


We’re bringing some changes to livery reporting in Season 2. We have changed the rules for moderation to create a fairer system, as an example we have reviewed the criteria for liveries to be deleted. We are also going to be bringing a confirmation pop up to players in the livery menu, to avoid accidental reporting. There will be more changes to which we will elaborate more on in the patch notes.


We have already addressed some of these issues with the latest update on Oct 25th. In Season 2 we will be adding extra modifications linked to rewind and accessibility options. We’re also working on long term changes to:

  • Better control the experience to avoid activities that can be too repetitive but also allow to gain experience and bucks on the long run.
  • Improve the global experience of these activities for all players to create a more balanced one.


Currently we have tech limitations to allow cross play on free roam. For the time being we aren’t looking to add this feature in Free Ride.


While we love long-term progression in our game, we don’t want to make it too long for our players.

We’ve looked at the data, and we’ve decided to make some minor changes to the loot experience in Season 2. But these changes won’t be the only ones, and we intend to apply updates to the system to have a more balanced experience for the next Seasons to come. For more details on these changes, please check the patch notes when they come out next week.


We believe that the experience of our game is linked to its live aspect, and traffic is a part of it even if it can bring unpredictability. While the changes coming to Replayer Cars (Ghost Cars) in free ride aren’t aimed at modifying the experience in feats, they will help tune down the perception of traffic.


Regarding PvP, today we’re focusing on improving the quality of the existing experience before adding new layers to it. For the Grand Race, we’ll be adding new paths in Season 2 as well as an anti-AFK mode and we’d like to go further in our next seasons.

Source – Ubisoft

The Crew Motorfest is available to play in the Cloud via GeForce NOW and Amazon Luna.


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