Utomik Adds 5 Cloud Games for Mobile Devices

Utomik Mobile

Utomik has announced the addition of 5 games to its catalog. All five games are playable natively on PC, and also on mobile devices via the cloud. Additionally, one of the games is also playable on compatible Smart TVs via the cloud.

New Games Live on Utomik

Travel Mosaics 12: Majestic London

Travel Mosaics 12 – Majestic London invites you on a whirlwind holiday to the capital of England. Tour London with the Walker family and discover its illustrious history! Over 150 new mosaic puzzles are waiting to be discovered.

Travel Mosaics 12: Majestic London

Royal Defense 2 – Invisible Threat

The trolls are here to raid your lands! In Royal Defense – Invisible Threat, a fast-paced strategy game, you must destroy waves of hordes using a wide range of structures, spells, gold and other resources.

Royal Defense 2 - Invisible Threat

Zombie Derby (also on TV)

Zombie Derby is a small 3D racing action in the world of zombie apocalypse. Drive to survive! How far can you get before they get you?

Secrets of Magic 2: Witches and Wizards

Match your way through a magical and dangerous land. Grab your wand and prepare for battle in Secrets of Magic 2: Witches and Wizards.

Dream Hills: Captured Magic

A treacherous witch has cast Dream Hills into darkness, depriving its residents of happiness and joy. Save your favorite fairy tale characters, break the curse, and restore Dream Hills to its former glory.

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