Utomik Adds New Cloud Games for Valentine’s Day

Utomik Valentine's

This Valentine’s Day, Utomik embraces the spirit of love and video games with a diverse selection of titles for all types of gamers. Whether you prefer a romantic adventure or the thrill of horror and action, Utomik’s latest update has something for everyone.

New Games Live via Utomik Cloud

Regency Solitaire

Explore romantic Regency England with Bella as she takes control of her own destiny, striving to create the ballroom of her dreams.

When The Past Was Around

Enter a surreal world filled with disjointed rooms of memories and time. Gather clues, solve brain-teasing puzzles, and unlock doors to unravel the heartwarming and heartbreaking secrets that lie between Eda and her lover.

Degrees of Separation

Join Ember and Rime, two contrasting souls separated by a mysterious force, on a journey through a breathtaking world of fantasy and discovery.

Red Faction: Armageddon

Fifty years after the heroic Red Faction resistance liberated the red planet, humanity finds itself facing another deadly threat. With the surface of Mars rendered inhospitable, brave colonists fight for their lives in the treacherous underground mines.

Rage in Peace

In the world of Rage in Peace, Timmy Malinu is an emotionally numb marshmallow longing for a peaceful demise.


An action-packed arcade fighting video game that promises a thrilling journey. Engage in intense combat, unleash interactive spells, and partake in close-quarters battles.

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