Three Games Coming to Utomik Cloud on July 13th

Utomik Cloud

Utomik has announced the addition of three new titles to its library. Gamers can look forward to the arrival of Godlike Burger, Super Mombo Quest, and I am Fish on Thursday, July 13. All three games will be playable via Utomik Cloud on Android devices and compatible TV models.

Godlike Burger

Godlike Burger is a unique culinary adventure game that combines fast-paced action with a touch of humor. Players take on the role of a talented chef who must create mouthwatering burgers to satisfy hungry deities. With its quirky storyline and challenging gameplay, Godlike Burger promises an engaging experience for fans of both cooking and action genres.

Super Mombo Quest

Super Mombo Quest, on the other hand, offers a nostalgic journey back to the era of classic platformers. In this pixelated adventure, players embark on a quest as the heroic Mombo. Battling enemies, overcoming obstacles, and collecting treasures across various vibrant and challenging levels. With its retro-inspired visuals and tight controls, Super Mombo Quest aims to captivate Utomik users seeking a dose of old-school gaming charm.

I am Fish

For those who prefer an underwater escapade, I am Fish provides a whimsical experience. Developed by the creators of I Am Bread, this physics-based adventure game puts players in control of a goldfish. The goal is to navigate through a series of beautifully designed environments, each with its own set of puzzles and obstacles. As a fish, players must use their swimming skills and ingenuity to overcome challenges and find their way back to the ocean. Coming really soon to Utomik Cloud.

In conclusion, subscribers can look forward to diving into Godlike Burger, embarking on a retro platforming adventure with Super Mombo Quest, or exploring the depths of the sea as a brave goldfish in I am Fish, starting from Thursday, July 13.

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