Kao the Kangaroo and 3 Urban Trial games now live on Utomik Cloud

Kao the Kangaroo and Urban Trial Tricky Games Banner

Great news for lovers of 3D platformers and those who enjoy bike stunts! Utomik, the video game subscription service, has recently announced the addition of four new games from Tate Multimedia to its catalog. The games include Kao the Kangaroo, Urban Trial Tricky Deluxe Edition, Urban Trial Playground, and Urban Trial Freestyle. These new games are now available to all Utomik subscribers and can be played via Utomik Cloud.

Kao the Kangaroo

Kao the Kangaroo is a 3D platformer where players take on the role of Kao, a kangaroo on a mission to save his animal friends from captivity. This family-friendly game is suitable for all ages and offers an exciting adventure through various environments.

Urban Trial Tricky

Urban Trial Tricky Deluxe Edition is a fast-paced racing game that challenges players to perform insane stunts on their bikes. With more than 30 levels to choose from, players can compete against each other for the top spot on the leaderboard.

Urban Trial Playground

Urban Trial Playground takes the action to the streets, with players performing tricks and flips on their BMX bikes. With over 50 levels to choose from, players will be able to show off their skills in this adrenaline-fueled game.

Urban Trial Freestyle

Finally, Urban Trial Freestyle offers a unique experience, combining the thrill of high-speed racing with the excitement of extreme sports. With a variety of obstacles to overcome, players will need to use their skills and quick reflexes to come out on top.

All of these new games can be played on Utomik Cloud, which means that subscribers can access them instantly without any downloads or installations required. This makes it easy for players to enjoy their favorite games on any device, anywhere, at any time.



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