Utomik Confirms Four New Games For October 5th

Utomik October

In the latest update from Utomik, the gaming platform has announced the addition of four new titles to its extensive catalog on October 5th. The new games, which were already playable thanks to its Gamescom event, will be playable both on PC and the cloud.

Shogun Showdown

Drawing inspiration from acclaimed games like Into the Breach, Darkest Dungeon, Crypt of the Necrodancer, and Slay the Spire, Shogun Showdown is a turn-based combat game where players must strategically position themselves, build up their attacks, and unleash them at the perfect moment. The game allows players to upgrade their attack tiles and create powerful combos, adding a layer of depth to the combat system.

The game features a rogue-like element where death is not the end but the beginning of a journey towards mastery. As players progress, they unlock new characters, attacks, skills, and more, enhancing the replayability of the game. The objective is to gain new skills and build the best deck possible before facing the formidable Shogun. The game’s setting is inspired by Japanese culture and is beautifully rendered in pixel art graphics.

Tails Noir Preludes

Tails Noir Preludes is a narrative-driven game, set years before the events of Backbone. It explores the formative moments of four characters, each facing unique circumstances and life-altering choices. The game emphasizes the impact of player choices on the characters and their stories.

The game is set in a dystopian version of Vancouver, inhabited by anthropomorphic animals and featuring art deco and post-Soviet architecture. Tails Noir Preludes is designed for replayability, with branching dialogues, randomized events, and a branching tree feature to track player choices. Despite its unique setting, the game’s stories aim to resonate with players through universal themes of change, choice, and consequence.


OTXO is a top-down shooter game with roguelite elements, set in a mysterious mansion. The protagonist, a nameless character with no memory of his arrival, embarks on a quest to find his lost love within the mansion’s depths. As players delve deeper, they uncover the mansion’s secrets, face their inner demons, and annihilate them.

The game offers a vast array of weapons and over 100 abilities, including the power to dodge bullets, enabling players to overpower their enemies. A unique feature of the game is ‘Focus’, a slow-motion mechanic that requires strategic adaptation to the variety of enemy types.

Flame Keeper

Flame Keeper is an action game where players assume the role of Ignis. A special coal with the mission to liberate the world of Orbis from the forces of darkness. The game emphasizes adaptation and perseverance, with a variety of moves and attacks at Ignis’ disposal. Stamina management is crucial, and each biome presents unique foes and obstacles.

The energy collected in the game serves a dual purpose. It acts as both health for Ignis and the resource needed to restore the Eternal Flame at each stage. This introduces a strategic element of balancing health and energy usage. Vulpis Village serves as a hub at the start of each level. There, players can rest, enhance abilities, and upgrade structures using collected resources.

Whether you’re a fan of action, adventure, puzzles, or RPGs, Utomik continues to deliver a wide range of gaming experiences. As always, remember to follow us on our social media sites such as X (Twitter), Threads and Facebook.



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