Utomik Scores Three Day-One Releases for September

Utomik September

Utomik is set to add three new games to its roster this September, all of which will be playable on Android smartphones, and compatible TVs via the cloud. The games, Ugly, Evolings, and Pizza Possum, will be available on their respective release dates.

New games coming to Utomik this September

The first game, Ugly, is set to release on September 14. This 2D platformer presents a dark fairy tale beneath its cartoony exterior. Players will navigate through puzzling chambers to uncover the truth behind a mysterious nobleman’s past. The game features a unique mirror mechanic and offers multiple solutions to its puzzles, promising a unique experience for each player.

Following Ugly, Evolings will be released on September 21. This adorable creature collector game combines elements of action and strategy in a roguelike format. Each playthrough generates unique maps, ensuring endless excitement. Despite its cute pixel art, Evolings offers a challenging turn-based strategy experience that will keep players engaged.

Finally, Pizza Possum will be available on September 28. This action-packed arcade game invites players to cause chaos in a vibrant 3D world, stealing food and avoiding capture. The game can be played in co-op mode, doubling the fun and chaos. Pizza Possum offers a unique blend of cheeky and wholesome gameplay, with a colorful cast of characters and a focus on eating as much as possible.

Whether you’re a fan of puzzling platformers, strategic roguelikes, or chaotic arcade games, there’s something for everyone on Utomik this September.

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