Utomik Teases Announcements for Summer Game Fest

Utomik Summer Game Fest

Utomik has announced its participation in the highly anticipated Summer Game Fest 2023. In collaboration with Samsung, Utomik will be showcasing upcoming releases on their platform. The games will be fully playable via the cloud at the event.

This year holds special significance for Utomik as it marks the company’s 5-year anniversary. To celebrate this milestone, Utomik plans to engage with their subscribers by offering a range of activities. Teasers for new game releases, additional content on their website and social media platforms, and insights from within the company are just some of the things players can look forward to.

Furthermore, this year also commemorates Utomik’s 1-year anniversary on the Samsung Gaming Hub. Through this collaboration, players have been able to experience the future of gaming, directly from the cloud.

Utomik also provided a sneak peek into some of the upcoming releases. The highly anticipated Twin Mirror from DON’T NOD is expected to make a big impact. Additionally, Fling to the Finish and Rytmos will be joining the platform. As if that wasn’t enough, Utomik has hinted at the arrival of four more games that will be available via their cloud service, leaving fans eagerly speculating about what they could be.

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