Utomik Unveils its “Throwback to 2023” Campaign

Utomik Gaming Across Devices

Gaming subscription service Utomik has announced its “Throwback to 2023” campaign, a nostalgic celebration of last year’s gaming highlights. Throughout January 2024, Utomik will feature a curated selection of games that made a significant impact in 2023, including critically acclaimed titles and lesser-known standouts.

The campaign aims to bring gamers together to revisit the charm and innovation of the previous year’s gaming scene. From the idyllic world of Everdream Valley to the adventurous escapades of Kao the Kangaroo, Utomik is set to showcase a variety of gaming experiences that resonated with audiences.

Utomik encourages its community to stay tuned to their social media channels for exclusive reveals of the top games in various categories, along with additional content such as gameplay tips and interactive community polls.

A couple of announcements

In addition to the retrospective, Utomik is expanding its library with new game additions for January, including Viking Saga: The Cursed Ring and Princess of Tavern for the Utomik Cloud Plan.

The service emphasizes flexibility and convenience, allowing users to switch between devices like mobile phones, desktop computers, and Smart TVs without losing game progress. With over 1400 games available and more than 300 on the cloud, Utomik offers a 14-day free trial.

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