Valheim’s Ashlands Biome Now Available

Coffee Stain Publishing and Iron Gate have unleashed a fiery inferno with the release of Valheim‘s latest update, the Ashlands biome. As players delve into this new realm, they’ll encounter a new host of challenges, enemies, and resources.

The Ashlands biome presents a new frontier for seasoned Vikings. From menacing new foes to powerful weapons and crafting recipes, the Ashlands demand courage from those who dare to explore its depths.

Facing the Inferno

Navigating the Ashlands is no easy feat. Treacherous cliffs and boiling waters present obstacles that only the most rugged ships can overcome. Once ashore, players will encounter a relentless onslaught of enemies. Including the reanimated dead known as Charred, the Fallen Valkyrie, and the monstrous Morgen.

New Weapons and Crafting

To combat these formidable foes, players must wield a new arsenal of weapons forged from the unyielding “flametal” found in the Ashlands. From the Slayer greatsword to the Splitnir spear and Ripper crossbow, these weapons are essential for survival in this harsh environment.

But weapons alone will not ensure victory. Siege weapons such as catapults and battering rams are essential for breaching the fortresses that dot the Ashlands landscape. Offering players new strategic options for conquest.

Available in Early Access, Valheim is playable in the cloud via Boosteroid, GeForce NOW and Xbox Cloud Gaming with Game Pass Ultimate. Alone or with a team of Vikings, set sail and start your adventure in the Ashlands.

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