Warner Brothers’ Classic Games Leaving Antstream Arcade

Mortal Kombat Leaving Antstream

In a post on Twitter today, Antstream Arcade announced that all of the service’s classic game titles published by Warner Brothers would be leaving in the near future. In a video update, it was stated the games would be leaving in “just a few days.”

A number of the top played games on Antstream are unfortunately included in this list of upcoming departures. The most notable being Mortal Kombat (the original game in the series). Smash TV and Rampage are other popular titles that will making their departure. You can check out our full list of Warner Bros. games that are currently on Antstream.

The departures are a result of Antstream’s inabilty to extend its existing agreement with Warner Bros. It’s likely a matter of cost to Antstream, as the Warner Brothers titles evidently were to come with significant licensing costs going forward. Antstream says it will replace these titles with 100s of new games.

These games have been with Antstream for 3 years. Not to be one to focus on the negative, Antstream will be celebrating the time they did have together with Warner Brothers by hosting a number of tournaments featuring the departing games during their final days.


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