What Can Netflix Games Learn From Other Gaming Companies?

Netflix Games

Netflix Games is still rather baby-faced when it comes to the gaming industry, as it only entered the industry in 2021. So, I figure that we should look at some of the failures we’ve seen with other game companies and why Netflix can avoid having similar issues and repeating history.

Avoid Overhiring Like Other Publishers

Let’s start with one of the big ones: the gaming industry is in the midst of a realignment with companies like Embracer Group, Microsoft, Sony, and EA (to name just a few) laying off hundreds if not thousands of talented developers. Netflix’s Game Studios consists of six small studios, which all have fewer than 500 people on staff. Some of the studios have fewer than 100 employees. The reason this is something that Netflix needs to try to avoid is simple; if you conduct too many layoffs, then you are not only losing some extremely talented developers, but you are also lowering the enjoyment that developers will have doing their work. You create unnecessary fear about who’s going to be laid off next. Hopefully, Netflix will avoid doing too many layoffs.

Netflix Games

Learn From The Backlash Towards Predatory Microtransactions

The next point is simple: Netflix needs to look at the backlash received by developers and publishers like Activision Blizzard, EA, and Starbreeze Studios and understand how to avoid making their microtransactions predatory. For example, requiring gamers to pay for loot boxes or an advantage! In a video game, advantage should be based on a skill level, not on who is willing to spend the most money to win the game. Hopefully, Netflix will be able to learn from the pitfalls of their colleagues within the gaming industry and not attempt the same practices to nickel and dime their customers for a few extra dollars.

Don’t Spend Too Much On Live Service Games

My final opinion is that Netflix needs to make an effort to avoid concentrating its gaming catalog too heavily on live service games. Now, live service games are widely popular; however, there are also issues with the sheer number of live service games available. For every hit like Fortnite, there are a dozen games like Bleeding Edge or Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League that aren’t nearly as successful. I don’t doubt that Netflix will attempt to build several video games in the live service genre. Nevertheless, Netflix should consider how many games have been released and flopped as a lesson to avoid repeating history.

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