Why Netflix Needs To Add More Of Its Mobile Games To Its Cloud Gaming Service

Netflix Games

Netflix Games needs no introduction to many readers, however, many people may not realize that Netflix offers cloud gaming to select users in the UK, US, Canada, Mexico, Spain, France, Germany and Italy. However, there are many games on Netflix Gaming offers that Netflix has omitted from its cloud gaming beta. In this article, I want to go over Netflix’s owned games and whether or not we could see more of Netflix’s owned games come to its cloud gaming service sometime soon.

Netflix Games

Netflix Games Based On Netflix TV Shows and Movies:

Let’s start with the obvious ones, Netflix Games based on Netflix TV shows and movies. Netflix has multiple games based on Stranger Things and Too Hot to Handle and games based on Shadow and Bone, Perfect Match, Narcos and The Queen’s Gambit among many others. The issue with many of these games isn’t the external developers who developed many of them but the aspect ratio of these games. Netflix Games could easily run these games in the cloud; however, the aspect ratio could be an issue for many games including Too Hot to Handle, Shadow and Bone and Perfect Match as well as a number of other games.

Games like Stranger Things 1984, Narcos Cartel Wars Unlimited, Stranger Things 3: The Game, Vikings Valhalla, Money Heist: Ultimate Choice and The Queen’s Gambit Chess would all be able to run on Netflix’s Cloud Gaming platform with their aspect ratios intact. Other games based on Netflix IPs, however, especially those based on Netflix reality shows, will need to have their aspect ratios reworked in order to adapt them for widescreen televisions.

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Netflix Games Not Based On Netflix IPs:

The next three games we are going over are interesting as whilst the games are owned by Netflix they are not based on Netflix IPs. The games in question are Oxenfree 2: Lost Signals, Dungeon Boss: Respawned, and the upcoming Cozy Grove: Camp Spirit. The reason these games should be added to Netflix’s Cloud Gaming service largely comes from the diversity of the lineup and the fact these are games Netflix already has at its disposal. Netflix already has two games that they own on their cloud gaming platform, Oxenfree and MoleGem Mayhem.

If Netflix wants to build a stronger library of cloud games that offer a diverse range of experiences, then I feel adding Oxenfree 2: Lost Signals, Cozy Grove: Camp Spirit, and Dungeon Boss: Respawned would allow more gamers to experience these mobile experiences in a new way. These games are also not based on Netflix television or film franchises which means the offerings could make the Netflix Games Cloud Gaming platform more interesting and feel more unique than other cloud gaming platforms.

GTA Trilogy on Netflix

The Vase For Third-Party Games:

Now that we’ve gone over Netflix’s first-party games it’s time to make the case for third-party games to come to Netflix Cloud Gaming. Many games on Netflix’s mobile offerings include games in the Grand Theft Auto franchise. Some games I think would be awesome to play on the cloud via Netflix include Paper Trail, Katana Zero, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Farming Simulator 23, and Bloons TD 6. However, due to these games requiring licenses from third-party developers and publishers, these games will be trickier to add to Netflix’s cloud platform compared to Netflix’s own games.

If Netflix is able to negotiate future contracts to allow both mobile and cloud ports of games, I think Netflix Games will be able to really take off and succeed in the realm of cloud gaming. Netflix has to compete with many other platforms including Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Plus, but if Netflix is able to bring a larger line-up of games to its cloud gaming platform and offer more of its own games, then I think Netflix could become a major cloud gaming platform.

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