Why The Xbox Series S Is The Perfect Device For Cloud Gaming

Xbox Series S

Here on Cloud Dosage, we have covered a series of different devices on which you can check out many cloud gaming platforms, everything from the Google Chromecast and Amazon Fire TV devices to Samsung Smart TVs and Web browsers. However, today we will be discussing why the Xbox Series S is the perfect cloud gaming companion device, despite being a game console.

GFN Thursday Xbox Game Pass

You Can Access Many Great Cloud Gaming Devices On Xbox – Some Even Natively:

Let’s start with the big plus: there are many cloud gaming services on the market and you can access many of them on Xbox via the Microsoft Edge web browser. There are two cloud gaming services that you can access right on the Xbox storefront, however. Those are Xbox Game Pass Ultimate which allows you to stream games as well as download them and also the retro gaming cloud gaming platform Antstream Arcade. In addition, some cloud gaming services you can access on Xbox via the web browser include NVIDIA Geforce NOW, Amazon Luna and Boosteroid, which are huge names in cloud gaming by themselves.

Microsoft explicitly added a gaming mode to the edge browser on Xbox to support these apps. You can quickly select “use game controls” from the browser menu to use your Xbox controller with these apps.

Play GeForce Now on Your Xbox by Toggling the Controller mode

For those wondering, yes!! You can even play PlayStation games on an Xbox Series S as long as you use a cloud gaming service like Boosteroid which has several PlayStation games like HellDivers 2 which is available on Boosteroid and can be played on Xbox via a web browser.

So Why An Xbox Series S and Not An Xbox Series X?:

This point is a simple one, the Xbox Series S is the cheaper all-digital equivalent to the Xbox Series X. Whereas the Xbox Series X costs £479.99 the Xbox Series S costs between £249.99-£299.99 depending on whether you want the Xbox Series S with 512GB of storage or 1TB of storage. The Xbox Series X is also more expensive due to the inclusion of a disc drive which is not necessary to access cloud gaming services – especially cloud gaming services that you access through a web browser.

At times, it is possible to find an Xbox Series S on sale for ~£200. At that price, it is similar to an NVIDIA Shield TV – but comes with the ability to play Xbox’s entire catalog of games locally as well. If going full in on the cloud isn’t for you, this hybrid approach may be perfect.

What do you think? Are you going to rush out to buy an Xbox Series S in order to use it as your primary cloud gaming device? Let us know on social media.

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