Xbox Cloud Gaming Coming to Meta Quest VR

Xbox Cloud Gaming currently has the ball in the cloud gaming space and is certainly running with it. Not only did the service just recently get launched on Samsung TVs and just (yesterday) tease a prototype standalone streaming device, they are back in the news today with the announcement the service is coming to the Meta Quest line of VR devices. The announcement was made at Meta’s (Facebook’s) Connect event.

Xbox Cloud Gaming on Meta Quest
Xbox Cloud Gaming on Meta Quest

The games will of course be 2D, but will be projected on a large virtual screen within the headset. This is similar to how various 2D video apps work within VR sets. The experience mimics that of being in a movie theater for example.

In case you are counting, Xbox Cloud Gaming is now officially available on:

  • Consoles (Xbox Series + One)
  • Anything with a browser (PCs, Macs, Chromebooks, Cashier Stations, etc.)
  • Mobile Phones (iOS and Android)
  • Smart TVs (officially just Samsung for now w/ others unofficially supported through browsers or the Android app and a (rumor) standalone streamer on the way?)
  • VR Headsets (Meta Quest)

Where would you like to see Xbox Cloud Gaming go next? We’d personally love to see it arrive officially for AndroidTV (ShieldTV and CCwGTV) here at Cloud Dosage HQ. The Shield TV is our favorite streamer.


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