Yars: Recharged Available Now. And…

It’s free on Stadia Pro!

The latest game in the Atari Recharged series launches today across all platforms including Stadia. With a price of £7.99 GBP on Steam, Stadia, and consoles, it is great to get this addition to your Stadia library at no extra charge.

Yars Recharged available now on stadia pro
Classic arcade remake available now

If you haven’t played the arcade classic, Yars Revenge, before, this is a classic arcade shoorter.

“Shoot from affar or get nibble away up-close and personal in a boss-rush, bullet-dodging revival of the 1982 Atari classic title, Yars’ Revenge. Take on 60 unique enemy encounters alone or with a friend in local co-op.”

The game comes with 15 Stadia platform achievements in tow.

Expect hours of fun for all ages with this one. Especially if you have been enjoying the previous Atari Recharged game (also on Stadia Pro) Centipede: Recharged.

Stay tuned for a review coming soon.



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