10 Modern Classics that Would be Great to Have on Stadia

One of Stadia’s great strengths is bringing in new players. Equally great is how it can make old games fun again. Sadly, for fans old and new, most of Stadia’s titles are new-ish releases. While new games are great, gaming has thirty years of masterpieces that live on other systems. Visiting old titles in a new way on Stadia would be a fantastic way to flesh out the library while introducing some classics to new gamers who might not be familiar with them. So, let’s list out ten masterpieces from yesteryear that we would love to see on Stadia.

10. Metal Gear Solid 5

While MGS5 launched with historic controversy, and is perhaps the greatest departure in the series, in hindsight it is the best playing entry the series ever saw. It cleverly intertwines its open-world gameplay with base-management and online play. The gameplay insists on creative stealth tactics and its flexibility forgives you if those plans don’t work out and you need to start shooting. While its written story is largely forgettable, the stories you come up with in the heat of the moment will last a lifetime.

9. Devil May Cry 5

Another entry that is considered the best in the series, DMC5: Special Edition gave fans 4 playable characters, a satisfying campaign, and a 100-floor challenge mode for the fiercest demon hunters. Few games will make you feel as cool as Devil May Cry, and the staggering variety of gameplay styles and enemy encounters will keep you coming back long after the credits roll.

8. Tetris Effect

Every video game system needs a version of this classic. Tetris Effect is the most unique and beautiful iteration this legendary franchise has ever seen. With a proper “campaign” mode that takes you through a dream-like soundscape that floored me on my first play-through. It is truly one of the best soundtracks I’ve ever heard, backed up by the most timeless of all video game mechanics. Tetris Effect is essential to any gaming library. Also I want to be able to play a good Tetris game on mobile.

7. Witcher 3

CD Project Red gave us Cyberpunk, but it doesn’t feel fair that they left out this gem. Having launched an entire gaming generation ago in 2015, Witcher 3 is still considered one of the great open world RPGs of all time. It is a game that is generous, well written, mature, and deep. Fans would clamor to be able to play this game on their phones. So make it happen, CD Projekt!

6: Monster Hunter: World

Stadia has its share of third person games, but not too many that are also co-op grindfests. Monster Hunter takes the idea of the boss encounter and makes a complete game around it. Players have to plan, stock and literally hunt together as a team to take down some epic monsters. It’s a totally unique rush that no other game has ever emulated. This game would be co-op gold on the cloud.

5: Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time

Stadia needs another good AAA platformer, and nothing fits the bill better than Crash. Praised by critics and fans, this was a return to form for the series whose last few entries had been less than stellar. Crash is a game that appeals to all ages with its friendly characters and satisfying platforming. Upon release, it is said that the sales numbers were disappointing to the Activision executives. Perhaps a release on Stadia would help them feel a little better.

4. Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

Talk about an underappreciated gem, the Ace Combat series consistently delivers quality action, but has waned in popularity since our beloved HD consoles released. There’s room on Stadia for a high quality flight simulation, and nothing would fill that hole better than some anime prison-jocks…and also some airplanes.

3. Tales of Arise

Another game on this list that didn’t get nearly the attention it deserved upon release. Symphonia is my personal favorite, but Arise is arguably a more modern, relevant and accessible experience. As an RPG, the 40 hour campaign can feel short to some, but once you pick this one up and see how good the combat feels, you’ll see its one of the lengthiest action games you can buy. Its quality can’t be denied, especially when compared to many of its contemporaries. Arise is the AAA anime RPG that Stadia deserves.

2. Kingdom Hearts 2

It’s very important that Stadia keeps a library of exclusively high quality titles, which is exactly why we are requesting the second entry in the series and not the third. Kingdom Hearts 2 is one of the all-time great action RPGs that will likely never be dethroned, if only for its iconic Disney and Final Fantasy cameos. Even without all the references, KH2 is still an outstanding game to play with its heartfelt story and amazing soundtrack.

1. Final Fantasy 7 Remake

The reimagining of one the greatest games ever made (it even says so on the box). The team at Square-Enix absolutely nailed this game in every aspect. Despite the number 7 being in the title, this game is incredibly friendly to newcomers and yet so wonderfully faithful to longtime fans. FF7 Remake can be either an action game or a strategic affair, depending on your preferences. While you can wander the world at your leisure most of the time, it’s structured in such a way that it’s very difficult to get lost, which makes it easy to come back to for casual players. The flexible gameplay options mean that any of Stadia’s control options would work perfectly fine for this game, including touch controls. It’s not a question of whether this game would be great on Stadia, it’s a question of why we haven’t gotten it yet.

Did we miss one? What’s your personal favorite game that you would love to see in the cloud?


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