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One year later, I still miss Google Stadia

By the end of 2022, Stadia users across the world were shocked by a sudden announcement from Google’s cloud gaming platform. Google Stadia would shut down. It’s been a year since we bid farewell to Google Stadia. And, the void it left in the cloud gaming landscape is still palpably felt. Stadia’s closure marked the […]

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Remember to convert your old Stadia controllers to Bluetooth before December 31st

Update – Stadia extends the deadline! Stadia has provided an additional year for users to convert their old controllers to Bluetooth mode. This extension is certainly welcome, as the initial deadline seemed unnecessarily short. It’s possible that Stadia realized the previous deadline wasn’t long enough for everyone and opted to extend it for the benefit […]

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From Space
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Xbox announces 4 more games coming to the cloud via Game Pass Ultimate

This past month has been a big one for gamers, Baldurs Gate 3, FC 24, and Mortal Kombat 1. Plus the big games on Game Pass; Starfield, Lies of P and Payday 3 just to name a few. However, it is about to be just that little bit bigger with more games coming to Game […]

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Your Cloud Gaming Experience Is Not “The” Cloud Gaming Experience

Cloud gaming is unlike any other form of gaming before it. A long time ago, in a place called The Eighties, if I were to go into an arcade and play Donkey Kong, and you were 100 miles away at the other end of the country playing the same title, our experience would be the […]

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Post Stadia Stress

During Stadia’s short three-year life span, I gamed more than I ever have at any other point in 35 years. This was due to the ease of access and ability to play anywhere on any screen. And although this is still possible with other cloud gaming platforms, I don’t game anywhere near as much. Why? […]

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Stadia Phil Harrison
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Phil Harrison Leaves Google, George Tsipolitis Leaves Amazon

While Phil Harrison’s record in the gaming world has left some folks desiring more, it is clear that the Google Stadia leader put his heart into the project and its surrounding technology. In the last 24 hours, multiple news outlets have reported that Phil has left Google – as indicated in the appointment end date […]

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Red Dead Redemption 2
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The Games From Stadia I Most Want to See Return to the Cloud

Despite what seemed like a constant stream of criticism on all fronts, Google Stadia had a very strong library of games in comparison to many other cloud services – particularly for people who picked up the service in its third year. Unfortunately, a number of the titles from Stadia are now no longer available in […]

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Destiny 2
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Bungie Offers Free Month of GeForce NOW Priority Tier to Stadia Guardians

Google Stadia has now officially shut down but with the help from Bungie and NVIDIA, retirement for Destiny 2 guardians is still a long, long way down the road. Destiny 2 players can keep playing on GeForce NOW, specially thanks to this free offering. Destiny 2 developer Bungie is underway contacting Stadia Guardians to offer […]

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Stadia Shutdown WebPage
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Stadia Officially Shut Down

Stadia has officially shut down. The website now shows the above message and redirects to – note the “gg” at the end. Thank you all for making the Stadia community amazing! Check out the editorials from our staff about what Stadia meant to them: So long, and thanks for all the Games (fabled_alpaca) Stadia, […]

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What’s Next for a Stadia Fanboy – Reprised

Stadia is Dead. That’s still (months after the announcement) a bit of a punch to the gut. How am I feeling about it all now – on shutdown day? Well, first off, I’ll say I don’t regret pouring a significant amount of passion into supporting the platform. Stadia’s technology remains the vision for the future […]

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