21 New Games Join GeForce NOW and Blackjack Ain’t One

GFN Thursday August 10

Another GFN Thursday is upon us. This week brings 21 new additions to the catalog. Precisely speaking, only 11 of them are new games while 10 represent existing games on the platform that are gaining support for the Epic Game Store in addition to Steam. It’s especially good timing for Orwell: Keeping an Eye on You which is now free on the Epic Store.

The big news of the week is the addition of 5 games from Bethesda’s First Person Shooter catalog. This is headlined by the excellent 2020 title, Doom Eternal and three Wolfenstein titles.

Wolfenstein Youngblood GFN Game Banner

List of New Games on GeForce NOW

Existing games getting access from the Epic Games Store

Train Your Aim With KovaaK’s

We predicted this game could be coming when it opted into GFN last week on Steam. It’s actually less of a game and more of a personal trainer. It teaches you to play all FPS type games better by improving your aim.

KovaaK's on GFN

Not only is this training title added to GFN, but GFN has teamed up with KovaaK’s to produce a GFN specific challenge that is latency sensitive in order to show off their impressive game streaming tech. Here is how they describe it

To show everyone how Ultimate changes the game streaming from a GeForce RTX 4080 rig, we’ve teamed up with KovaaK’s –  the world’s most popular aim trainer – to create a special GeForce NOW latency-sensitive demo for the challenge.

Free and Priority members can try it out on their current memberships, then get a 1-day upgrade to 240 fps streaming with Ultimate and see how their scores instantly improve. Members can optimize settings for the best experience and aim for the top of the challenge leaderboard.

Not only can members play for ultimate bragging rights, they also get a chance to win weekly and overall prizes — including a 240hz gaming monitor, perfect for 240fps streaming.


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