GFN Steam Update August 7, 2023

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Every week we “diff” the list of games that have opted into GFN on Steam to discover new entries. Some weeks (like last week) we find a lot of notable titles opting into GFN even before they officially got announced as coming. Other weeks, however, like this week, it’s more quiet. We found just 8 relatively small titles to have opted into GFN in the past week.

To be clear, though, we want to again warn you that games on this list are not 100% guaranteed to arrive on the service. Popular titles are more likely to get NVIDIA’s attention and have in the past been fairly likely to arrive. But, smaller titles have been more hit and miss.

And, importantly, please note that many games arrive on GFN without previously opting in! So, if a game you are hoping for isn’t listed as opting in in any of our recent posts, that doesn’t mean it isn’t coming either. It still very well could!

Games Opting into GFN This Week

KovaaK’s is actually not really a game in and of itself but an FPS aim training program designed to improve your skills at other games. That said, it is quite popular on Steam with over 25,000 reviews and a very positive review score.

Of the other games on the list, we think Kingdoms Reborn (a city builder game with individual people dynamics) and Tails Noir a narrative adventure in dystopian Vancouver (with humanistic animal characters) are worth a quick look. And, SPRAWL is a brand new FPS shooter title launching this month.


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