4 Games Leaving Amazon Luna in November

4 Games Leaving Luna

We’ve once again got our script working to track Amazon Luna game departures after the service changed the UI for these notices. It’s easy to miss the new notices as they don’t particularly stand out on the game pages. But! Have no fear, we searched every game page for the notice in order to tell which titles are leaving soon.

There are four titles leaving Amazon Luna in November:

Unfortunately, when these games leave the Luna+ subscription, they will be gone from the Luna service entirely. For most games, though, you can download your save information and potentially import it into the game if you purchase it from another PC game store – Steam, for example.

At the moment, the Luna+ subscription has a library of 101 games. If no new titles are added by November 11th, the subscription library will drop to 99, below the important 100 number. We are expecting some new games to land in November, however. As of late, Amazon hasn’t been announcing new game additions ahead of time.

Luna Logo Leaking Paint (Games)

In the past, some games listed for departure have gotten a reprieve. In addition, a number of games that were removed from the service ended up being brought back within months. Resident Evil 2 is the most notable game that this happened to. There is no denying, however, that in the past Amazon Luna had a much larger library of games (across 5 different subscription channels). You can check out our list of all of the lost games of Luna.


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