All Good Things Come To An End – Claim These Pro Games Before They Leave

Thankfully, once claimed, Stadia Pro games never leave your library. But, you do have to remember to claim them! The time that you have to add them to your library is limited. And, in the case of these 7 games, that time is almost here. So, don’t forget to add them to your library before July 1st, when it’ll be too late! 

The Pro games leaving soon are:

Leaving Stadia Pro Soon
The Stadia Store has a “Leaving Stadia Pro soon” Section

If you want to keep track of these games yourself. The Stadia store has a section for games leaving Pro soon.

My philosophy with claiming Stadia Pro games is; claim them all. Why not?? It isn’t like you will fill your hard drive. And, granted you may not be interested in Dawn of The New Riders today, but who is to say that one day you may have kids. They may want to play it down the line. Or, what if you’re entertaining a younger relative or a friend’s child? There’s nothing to lose by claiming everything so go ahead. Spoil yourself!

And, don’t forget to check out the 6 games that are arriving in Stadia Pro on July 1!



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One thought on “All Good Things Come To An End – Claim These Pro Games Before They Leave”

  1. It’s always sad to see some games leave, but hey, it might mean that more titles from those publishers might make its way to Pro in a month or two! I’d love if another Shantae game made it to Pro.

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