Learn “What’s Next” for Cyberpunk 2077 this Tuesday

Developer CD Projekt Red has announced via Twitter that a “special episode” of Night City Wire (the developers info show) will be airing this coming Tuesday that will reveal “what’s next” for Cyberpunk 2077. This news follows a leak in May that contained dialogue from what was likely an in-development expansion for the game.

The content of the update is not known and it could be that the update is in fact the rumored DLC. The studio has built a beloved reputation among its fans for providing great value to their games over the long term through free DLC, as they did with their last masterpiece, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Given the good-will they need to earn back from many of their fans, it would be a reasonably good guess to think this DLC could be free, although there’s been no indication of that from the studio.

The teaser has fans speculating that one of the announcements could be a new game mode, as well as vehicular combat, if one reads into the promotional image. Pressure on this presentation is likely high at the studio. The less than stellar launch of the game damaged the reputation of the loved studio. Since launch, the stock price for CD Projekt has fallen more than 85% since the games 2020 launch. With the stock price now just over a tenth of what it once was only two years ago, studio leadership could use this expansion to be a real banger.

In April, the company released an infographic that suggested half of its development team was working on the expansion. Fingers crossed they’ll have it done in time for the holidays.

Cyberpunk is available on Stadia now. Critics actually praised the Stadia version at launch for being the best running version of the game. After two years of patches and a forthcoming DLC pack, it might be time for Stadians to pack their bags for Night City once again.


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