A New Update For Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Improves The Game’s Frame Rate

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Game Banner
Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Game Banner

Square Enix has confirmed that update 1.020 has been released for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

One of the main highlights of the update is that it improves the game’s frame rate and overall stability. It also adds ‘sharp’ and ‘soft’ graphics options to the game’s performance mode, which of course targets 60fps.

The new update also makes some bug fixes and changes to the camera settings, you can see the patch notes in full below:

  • Corrected typos and omissions in some texts.
  • Fixed an issue with the controlled character that would occur under certain conditions on the map.
  • Fixed an issue where Red XIII’s abilities “Lunatic High” and “Warrior’s Inspiration” were easily canceled during battle.
  • Fixed an issue where enemies would stop under certain conditions during battle.
  • Fixed a progress issue that occurred under certain conditions in the quest.
  • Improved frame rate and overall game stability.
  • Added “Sharp” and “Soft” options to the performance mode screen output settings.
  • Improved graphic quality.
  • The camera’s reverse setting is now reflected in the “gliding” mode when operating a sky chocobo.
  • Reverse camera settings are reflected in the target mini-game camera.
  • Enhanced guidance support while climbing the vines in the location “Mithril Mine”.
  • Added difficulty settings to the customization screen for the mini-games “Condor Fort” and “Gambit Gears”.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is available to play in the cloud via PlayStation Cloud Gaming (PS5 Only).


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