Ads Are Coming Soon To GeForce NOW’s Free Tier

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The Verge is reporting that Nvidia will soon introduce ads to the free trier of their cloud gaming service, GeForce NOW.

It is being reported that this will start on February 28th 2024, with emails being sent out to free-tier subscribers beforehand.

It looks like the ads will last for up to 2 minutes and will be shown while gamers are waiting in a queue for the next available GFN rig.

“Free users will start to see up to two minutes of ads while waiting in queue to start a gaming session,”

Nvidia Spokesperson Stephanie Ngo – The Verge

Nvidia has also said that the revenue gained from the ads will help maintain their GeForce NOW free tier offering and will even go as far as reducing the wait times for available RIG’s on that tier in the long run.

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Of course, you can avoid the ads and queue times by subscribing to GeForce NOW’s paid memberships which are the Priority Membership, £9.99 per month, or the Ultimate Membership, £19.99 per month, each with their range of benefits.

The Ultimate Membership is also perhaps the best way to experience Cloud Gaming, primarily thanks to its access to RTX 4080 servers and reduced latency.

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Source – The Verge


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