Amazon Luna Now Live in Canada, the United Kingdom and Germany

Amazon Luna

It has been two and half years since Amazon launched their cloud gaming service, Luna. And now it is finally available outside the US.

Initially launching as a Beta back in October 2020, It has been a wild ride for Amazon Luna. The subscription-based cloud gaming service has been live exclusively in the United States even after leaving its Beta program. Leaving gamers worldwide disheartened as no information was shared about plans to expand the service.

The lack of expansion combined with a wildly fluctuating library has been confusing, to say the least. Luna has seen channels on the service being removed or changed, as well as often rotating more games out than they bring in. Unsurprisingly, leaving many to speculate that the service may soon go the way of Google Stadia.

However, now that the servicer has expanded to new territories, this is almost certainly (but not certainly) a sign that Amazon has no plans to shut down any time soon.

Amazon Luna Controller Sale
Previous Google Stadia users will be interested in Amazon Luna

New Territories

Today’s news may be a turning point in the Luna narrative. The service will now see an influx of players as it expands to new regions. The service will now be playable in Germany, Canada, and Mainland UK.

Of course this also means the launch of the Amazon Luna controller in these countries too. Currently selling at £59.99 GBP. I expect we will see some enticing offers in the coming weeks. Watch this space.

Play for free with Amazon Prime

Regardless of your level of skepticism, you can try the service without any concerns of losing money. Amazon Prime members currently have access to 4 games at no extra cost. Get Packed, Mega Man 11, Sail Forth, and The Legend of Heroes: Trails From Zero. You can also link your Ubisoft account to play the games you own or via the Ubisoft+ subscription.

With many games to enjoy, Amazon Luna is a welcome addition to the current lineup of services available. I can’t wait to dive in.



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