Amazon Giving out Free Month of Luna+ Due to Fortnite “Oops”

Fortnite on Luna Ooops

Amazon Luna recently added support for Fortnite. Not only that, they made it free for anyone with an Amazon Prime subscription to stream! They are essentially giving away time on their GPU servers to anyone with Prime. Not too shabby a deal!

Amazon Luna Oops Email

Apparently, though, from Amazon’s perspective, the rollout didn’t go entirely as planned. They’ve been sending out emails titled “Oops! Here’s a free month of Luna+”. It’s actually hard to tell if this is an apology for some sort of “Oops” on their end or if they are trying to call out an “Oops” on the users’ part for no longer being subscribed to Luna+ (even though Luna+ is not actually needed to play Fortnite for most people).

The content of the email reads:

We noticed you may not have been able to play Fortnite. We’d like to offer you a one month free Luna+ subscription to come back and play. Remeber to link your Epic account, linking your account is easy! Sign in with Google, Facebook, XBox Live, Steam, and more. Then link your Epic games account to Luna to play Fortnite. Click below to accept this offer.

<link to offer>

After the one month promotion period, your Luna+ subscription will automatically renew using the payment method on file at $9.99 per month plus any applicable taxes. You may cancel your subscription at any time by going to Your Membership and Subscriptions.

These emails appear to be going out pretty widely as multiple community members have received the email, and several members of Cloud Dosage staff have received it as well.

Oddly, it appears to be going out to people who have been playing Fortnite without issue, to people who never even tried to play Fortnite and even to people who aren’t in an Amazon Luna supported country! Based on what we’ve seen so far, they don’t appear to be going out to anyone with an existing Luna+ subscription (but let us know if you have an active Luna+ subscription and got the “oops” offer).

That all said, we aren’t one to look a gift horse in the mouth. If you are interested in the free month of Luna+, go ahead and make the most of it. Just make sure to cancel before you are billed if you aren’t planning to continue past the free month.

Did you get the same email?


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