Antstream Arcade Launches On Mercedes-Benz Cars

Antstream Arcade Mercedes-Benz

The idea of Anstream Arcade being playable in your car has been a thing for a while (we first covered the news of Antstream being announced for Mercedes-Benz back in March 2023), but if you are a Mercedes-Benz owner you can now make that dream a reality

Antstream Arcade Launched On Mercedes-Benz During CES 2024:

Antstream Arcade decided to launch its gaming platform on the Mercedes-Benz line of cars during CES 2024. The inclusion of Antstream on another new platform is exciting. If this implementation is like others have implemented games in other vehicles, it will likely only be available while parked. If not, I’d be a little concerned about drivers causing accidents because they were too engrossed in games to pay attention to the road. Because of this, we’d count on you only being able to play while parked. That still makes it perfect for playing while waiting to pick up a family member.

If you own a Mercedes-Benz car, are you going to be checking out Antstream Arcade? Let us know on social media.

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