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Atari is back at it again! Another one of their classics has gotten the Recharged treatment. This time, it is Asteroids. One of the most well known classics from Atari is back and better than ever – with slick neon visuals, tighter gameplay, power-ups and new functions. Those who have fond memories of playing this game will know very well how fun it is. The others, who haven’t played it, will also have a blast with it. Without further ado, here’s the Asteroids: Recharged review from Stadia Dosage.

Game like it’s 1979, but better

The core gameplay of Asteroids is still intact, just like the pure arcade fun of the original title. Maneuver your ship across an asteroid’s field, and survive as long as possible, while simultaneously destroying as many targets as you can. In pure arcade fashion, rack up as many points as possible and compete in the leaderboards. Controls are simple. Steer your spaceship to the sides and boost in order to move forward. Of course, you can also shoot. This limited control scheme is what makes the game fun and skill based.

The Recharged formula adds power-ups and other gameplay options, like special challenges. On top of the well-known gameplay of Asteroids, this new iteration of the game includes all kind of power-ups and abilities. Destroy UFOs and collect their drops to get temporary power-ups to help you increase your score. Also, the game features 30 challenges designed to provide a new spin on the game and something new for return players. There’s also a coop mode, so two players can survive together!

Colorful and energetic presentation

On par with the other Recharged titles on Stadia, Asteroids: Recharged has a vibrant look with neon colors. Detailed backgrounds and modern menus give a new look to the classic game. Visual cues are good and work well for such a skill based game. Nothing gets in the way and all the needed information is on-screen when needed. The soundtrack is superb. Composed by Megan McDuffee, it has a nice futuristic ring to it. Fits very well the whole Recharged scheme. To put the cherry on top, the performance is great.


Just like the other Recharged games from Atari that have made it to Stadia, Asteroids: Recharged brings more arcade goodness. While not looking particularly stellar or featuring a lot of gameplay variety, its low price makes the game worth it for those who want to enjoy it from time to time. Even so, those who enjoy competing in the leaderboards and unlocking achievements, will have a blast with this one. It doesn’t matter if you have nostalgia for the original or not. Its simple yet engaging gameplay will hook almost everyone.

Asteroids: Recharged is available now on the Stadia Store for $8.99 USD. A 30 minutes free trial is also available. In addition, make sure to check out our reviews of Yars: Recharged and Centipede: Recharged. We hope you have fun with all these Recharged games!

Asteroids: Recharged


Asteroids: Recharged
Fun Factor


Another great addition from the Recharged series from Atari. Pure arcade fun from the late seventies, with a new modern look, better controls and new features like power-ups, challenges and coop.




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