Atari and Antstream Arcade – A Match Made In Gaming Heaven?

Right! So, I have made no secret of my “fanboyism” of the cloud gaming service Antstream Arcade as well as retro video game publisher Atari. But, with Antstream losing just under 100 games during 2023, let me explain why I think Atari could be a hugely important partner for Antstream’s future.

Atari Has A Large Library Which Will Benefit Over At Antstream Arcade:

Let’s start with a big point. Atari has a huge library of games – largely thanks to their acquisition spree in 2023. Atari has already licensed several of its games to Antstream Arcade like Pong, Centipede, and Liberator. However, Atari can also license hundreds of other games like Berzerk, Astroblast, Bubsy, and Demolition Racer. This large library of games owned by Atari is especially relevant to the future of Antstream Arcade because Antstream lost almost 100 games during the end of 2023 (including games from Warner Brothers Games and Codemasters). Now, whilst Atari doesn’t have as many big draws as other game publishers, they do have some genuinely fun lost gems.

Atari Owns A Chunk Of Antstream Arcade

This news is also important: Atari owns a 1% stake of Antstream Arcade and also bought the video game history site MobyGames from Antstream a couple of years back. The fact Atari owns a part of Antstream signals to me that the partnership between Antstream and Atari is going to grow deeper over time. It’s something you can rely on – as it makes no sense in my opinion for Atari to buy a stake in Antstream and not supply them with a steady stream of video games.

What do you think? Do you think the Atari and Antstream partnership is going to get stronger over time?

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