Four Atari Recharged Games Coming to Stadia

Atari Recharged Games Coming to Stadia

It’s now official folks! As we hinted last week, Atari recharged games are coming to Stadia! Not just two, but four are coming to Stadia with Centipede Recharged coming July 1st straight to Stadia Pro! In addition, Kombinera will be a fifth game from Atari coming this year!

The four Recharged games are Centipede Rechaged, Black Widow Recharged, Breakout Recharged and Asteroids Recharged.

Kudos to big friend of the site, Jon Scarr, for breaking the news on Twitter based on Atari’s official press release. A public conversation with Atari about these releases onto Stadia has also now been published. We are certainly glad that this is one of the ways Atari is celebrating its 50th anniversary!

As mentioned above, Centipede Recharged will be the first to launch on Stadia straight to Stadia Pro. It’s likely Black Widow could be next to follow as these launched together. Below is a video of the gameplay for these first two games.

Asteroids and Breakout (the most recent to release) are, of course, two other very popular classic games that we loved playing in the 80s and 90s. Both games have led to tons of copycat games over the years. In terms of the Recharged versions, both look just about how you might expect for a remake of the title. You can check them out in the official trailers:

The Atari press release also announces that the “critically acclaimed puzzle game Kombinera will be added to Stadia in September 2022!” Are you excited about Kombinera and the four Atari recharged games coming to Stadia? Let us know in the comments.

Update: The official Stadia blog post about these five games has also now gone live.

You can check out all the other games confirmed to be coming to Stadia on our list!


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