Blacknut Adds Five New Titles

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Cloud Gaming service, Blacknut, has announced that they have added five new titles to their service. All titles are part of the “My Universe” series of games and are developed by Microids. Four other games from the series are already on the platform.

These new games are available to play on Blacknut at no extra cost other than your monthly subscription.

My Universe – Interior Designer

Set up your own interior design agency to become the best agency in town. You will need to pay close attention to your client’s needs as you renovate, refurbish and transform their homes!

My Universe – Doctors & Nurses

Set out on an adventure that takes place in a busy hospital environment. Players can take turns stepping into the roles of both a Doctor and Nurse where they will need to diagnose the illnesses and infections of their patients in order to treat them.

My Universe – Pet Clinic Cats & Dogs

Become the head veterinarian in your very own clinic. You will need to pay close attention to the sick animals that need you so that you can provide them with the correct care needed. You will also need to develop new treatments and skills so that you can help treat even more animals in distress.

My Universe – School Teacher

Play as a new and young school teacher with one simple goal, get your school back to the top! To do this you will need to help your students with all aspects of school life. You will need to motivate them, get their grades up as well organising school contests and festivals. Can you be the model teacher that your school needs…

My Universe – Green Adventure – Farmer Friends

Take to the fields as you look to inject a brand new lease of life into an old farm that you have inherited from your family. Flowers, fruit, vegetables…it is up to you to decide just exactly which is the best seeds to sow in order to make your farm a success. As well as crops you will also need to take care of various farm animals such as cows, sheep, goats, hens and ducks!


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