Blacknut Adds Four New Titles From Bitwave Games

Blacknut has announced that they have added four new games to the service, all from Bitwave Games, a retro game studio based in Gothenburg, Sweden. 

The Embracer Group also acquired Bitwave in August 2022. 

Out Zone

Out Zone is a run-and-gun game in which players must manage both time and resources carefully as they blast their way through alien hordes! 


Truxton is a vertical space-themed shooter in which players must destroy asteroid bases using various weapons, including Truxton Beam, Power Shot and Thunder Laser.

Twin Cobra

Twin Cobra places you into the role of an elite chopper pilot, tasked with attacking down an evil superpower. The longer players survive, the stronger they will become! Players can also increase their fire rate by evading enemy shots. 

Zero Wing

Zero Wing is a horizontal, skill-based shooter which features treacherous levels and bosses. Players can utilise the Green Scattr Cannon, Blue Laser and Green Homing Missile in their mission to destroy their enemies.  

Blacknut is a cloud gaming service that allows you to play its entire catalog of 600+ games, all at the cost of a single monthly subscription.


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