Blacknut Confirms Four New Game Arrivals For The Month of August

Blacknut has announced that four new titles will be joining their cloud gaming service during the month of August 2023.

They made the announcement via their official Twitter account, although no exact release day was provided for any of the titles.

Garfield Lasagna Party

Featuring 32 mini-games that are spread across iconic locations such as Garfield’s House and the Pizzeria. Players will need to tackle obstacle courses, throw snowballs and even slice pizzas as they go all out to get ahead of their opponents!

Garfield Kart – Furious Racing

Garfield takes to the track in this wacky-kart racing title. The game features 16 tracks, 8 characters and 3 game modes that include Grand Prix, Single Race and Time Trial. Players can also use bonuses such as the pillow or magic wand in order to one-up and take the lead on their opponents.

Adam Wolfe

A game some used to play on Stadia! Step into the role of Adam Wolfe, a paranormal investigator who is driven by the mysterious disappearance of his sister. Set in the streets of San Francisco, this psychological thriller will have players using their wits, detective instincts and their 6-shooter as they solve one mystery after another and uncover a larger conspiracy that is in play.

Spirit of the Island

A life sim, sandbox RPG title that is set on a beautiful island archipelago. Players must embark on a journey to help restore the island to the popular tourist destination that it once was. In order to do this players will need to build a farm to grow food, gather resources, raise animals, and craft items – all so with the aim of building shops, museums and other outlets that will help attract visitors back to the island. No matter what, there will always be something to do in the spirit of The Island.

And these are the games coming to Blacknut this August! Are you looking forward to giving a try at any of these games? Let us know in the comments below, or reach us via our social network accounts.

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