Boosteroid Announces Chromebook Partnership

Google Chromebooks have had a big focus on cloud gaming recently. From dedicated cloud gaming hardware from ASUS and Acer, to working with cloud gaming services such as GeForce Now and Xbox Game Pass to bring apps to the play store.

Chromebook + Boosteroid = Perfect partnership

Today, Boosteroid announced on their blog, that they have worked closely with Google to bring a Progressive Web App to the Play Store on Chromebook. As Boosteroid were one of the first cloud gaming services to make PC games available in a browser, and Google Chrome was one of the most common ways for players to do this, they say launching on Chromebook was the next logical step.

Launching on Chromebooks is a very important milestone for Boosteroid on its way to bring video games to all users. Regardless of their device processing power or platform.

Optimizing the PWA for ChromeOS now makes it more efficient for gamers to access their games. Not only is it available on the latest cloud gaming Chromebooks but also on older models.

If you already have a Chromebook you can claim a free 1-month trial of Boosteroid here.

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Your Favorite PC Games in the clouds

Bring able to access cloud gaming in more and more places is exactly what cloud gaming is all about. Being able to game anywhere without the need for expensive, resource-draining, hardware. This is excellent news from Boosteroid, and we can’t wait to see more.



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