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Chrome OS Has a New App Store Which Features Cloud Gaming Apps

Chrome OS (the operating system that powers Chromebooks, Chromeboxes and more) has a new unified app-store (link works on Chromebooks) that includes PWAs (Progressive Web Apps) as well as Android apps installable from the Google Play Store. In general, the app fills an important gap on Chrome OS. Previously, there was no way to search […]

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Boosteroid Announces Chromebook Partnership

Google Chromebooks have had a big focus on cloud gaming recently. From dedicated cloud gaming hardware from ASUS and Acer, to working with cloud gaming services such as GeForce Now and Xbox Game Pass to bring apps to the play store. Today, Boosteroid announced on their blog, that they have worked closely with Google to […]

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Cloud Gaming Focused Chromebooks are on the Way

While Google may be winding down its own stand alone platform, Stadia, that doesn’t mean it thinks cloud gaming has no future. In addition to offering its infrastructure (Immersive Stream) to partners (*cough* Ubisoft *cough*), the company has many more successful products (Chrome, Chrome OS, Android TV, Android) that can both benefit from other cloud […]

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