Boosteroid Keeps Expanding Their Reach

Boosteroid are not giving up on expanding onto as many devices as possible. And with the recent announcement of the partnership with Microsoft, this comes at a fantastic time.

Boosteroid is available on 2021-2023 LG TV models with an image of games on a TV

As recently announced via Twitter, Boosteroid is now available on 2021-2023 model LG TVs. As well as being available on Android TVs, iOS, Android and native Windows and macOS apps. It seems that Boosteroid wants to be everywhere, just as any cloud gaming provider should.

This once again lowers the barrier of entry to gamers where Boosteroid is available. Highlighting the benefits of cloud gaming.

Games Galore

With the recent slew of games announced, including Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty and the promise to keep adding games and devices there hasn’t been a better time to try Boosteroid.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

Boosteroid’s commitment to providing gamers with the latest games on all possible devices is apparent with the continued expansion. We will keep an eye on what else they announce in terms of expansion.

Where would you like to see them expand to next?

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