Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Arrives on Boosteroid Alongside 5 Other Games

New Boosteroid Games

Cloud gaming service Boosteroid has recently announced the debut of six new games to its already extensive library. With the addition of these games, Boosteroid is set to offer gamers an unparalleled gaming experience. The cloud gaming service has already gained a reputation for offering gamers a high-quality and seamless experience, and these new games are set to raise the bar even higher.

So far, this year has been outstanding for Boosteroid. Announcing partnerships with many companies, such as Microsoft, Skyworth, and even Google. On top of that, the Ukrainian based company is also aiming to improve their technology alongside ASUS, while expanding their library. Let’s take a look at the latest additions:

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Available via Steam – The first new game to make its debut on Boosteroid is Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. This game is a classic action RPG that lets players explore a vast world filled with dragons, demons, and other mythical creatures. With its immersive storyline and captivating gameplay, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is sure to become a fan favorite on Boosteroid.

Last Epoch

Available via Steam – Next up is Last Epoch, an exciting game that blends elements of action and strategy. Players must navigate a time-traveling adventure through a shattered world to restore order and prevent an apocalypse. With its intricate storyline and engaging gameplay, Last Epoch is a must-play.

The Planet Crafter

Available via Steam – The Planet Crafter is another new addition to Boosteroid. This game allows players to create their own planets, terraform them, and explore the universe. With its stunning visuals and endless possibilities, The Planet Crafter is sure to become a fan favorite for Boosteroid users.


Available via Steam – For those who love a good scare, DEVOUR is the game for you. This thrilling horror game pits players against a demon who must be banished before it devours its victims. With its immersive atmosphere and heart-pounding gameplay, DEVOUR promises to keep players on the edge of their seats.

Contraband Police

Available via Steam – Contraband Police is a game that challenges players to keep the peace as a customs officer. Players must search for contraband items and deal with smugglers, all while balancing their own moral compass. With its unique gameplay and intriguing storyline, Contraband Police is sure to appeal to a wide range of gamers.

Phantom Brigade

Available via Steam – Last but not least, Phantom Brigade is a game that combines elements of strategy and action. Players must lead a team of mechs in a post-apocalyptic world and engage in tactical battles against enemies. With its stunning visuals and strategic gameplay, Phantom Brigade is a safe pick for those who enjoy strategy games.

Boosteroid’s commitment to providing gamers with the latest games is apparent with the addition of these six exciting titles. Whether you’re a fan of action, strategy, horror, or adventure, there seems to be something for everyone.

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