Boosteroid Plans To Roll Out 4K Cloud Gaming Servers By Late 2023/Early 2024

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In an interview with, cloud gaming service Boosteroid has detailed its plans to roll out 4K cloud gaming servers across the United States and European data centers by late 2023 or early 2024.

They went on to say that these new servers are the result and extensive R&D work that they have done in conjunction with AMD and Asus, work that has been going on for over one year now. Boosteroid says that the result with provide them with the ‘most powerful’ virtual gaming machines on the market:

Boosteroid will roll out new 4K cloud gaming servers by late 2023 – yearly 2024 across its data centers in the U.S. and Europe. These servers are the result of the R&D with ASUS and AMD that was in progress for almost one year. The hardware is based on AMD’s desktop GPU customized for use in the server and will enable the most powerful gaming virtual machines on the market.

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Boosteroid, of course, were big supporters of Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard, of course, they were one of the early recipients of a 10-year deal from Microsoft that would ensure ABK titles would be available to stream on the Boosteroid cloud gaming service after the acquisition closed.

The 10-year deals given out by Microsoft was an early volley fired off by Microsoft in order to win over the UK’s CMA who raised cloud gaming concerns, these deals would be in vain as the CMA would go on to block the deal initially due to these concerns.

However, as we now know, a revised deal from Microsoft, that would hand the cloud gaming rights of ABK titles to Ubisoft, giving them full control on which cloud gaming services to license them, was then accepted by the CMA and the rubber stamp then fell swiftly on the ABK deal.

Boosteroid however, has made it clear in their interview with Wccftech, that they did not agree with the initial decision from the CMA as they felt the cloud gaming concerns raised were dealt with when Microsoft agreed the 10-year deals with both Boosteroid and Nvidia GeForce NOW:

In our opinion, that was not necessary and any potential competition issues were properly mitigated by Microsoft within the framework of its license agreements with 2 other biggest cloud gaming providers — Nvidia and Boosteroid.

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Another concern that has been shared by some is whether the new deal with Ubisoft affects the previously agreed deals that Microsoft has with Boosteroid and other cloud gaming services. Well, Wccftech put this to Boosteroid, and it seems that the new and restructured deal will not have any effect on these original deals at all, Boosteroid also confirmed that they will not need to enter into a new agreement with Ubisoft to ensure ABK titles still arrive on the service:

Boosteroid has a global streaming license for Activision Blizzard games under the contract with Microsoft. The restructuring of the deal does not change any terms of our agreement with Microsoft. In practice, there are a bit different legal licensing structures for the EEA and for the rest of the world now because Microsoft itself will, in fact, license streaming rights for Activision Blizzard games outside the EEA. Anyway, Boosteroid will not need to license Activision Blizzard content from Ubisoft; they are covered by our agreement with Microsoft.

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Boosteroid also went on to say that they do not have a date for the arrival of the first ABK titles onto the service, but they are hopeful that this will happen soon and will be in time for the rollout of their new 4K cloud gaming servers.

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