Browse the Stadia Catalog Without an Account

Back at the beginning of may, we reported that the newly re-formatted individual game pages on the Stadia website could now be viewed by users without the need to log-in. We’ve since been linking to these pages like crazy from throughout our website. Now it looks like you can quickly browse the entire Stadia catalog without being logged in!

Friend of the site, @SoulHomeStudio, today tipped us off that there have been a few more tweaks to the new user experience. As of now, visitors who are not logged in to a Stadia account can still interact with game links on the homepage and quickly get to a list of games from the main Stadia Page via a prominent link to Folks who are not logged in can browse the Stadia catalog (starting from the top with games that have a free trial), and open individual game pages to see the cost of each games in the store along with other detailed game information.

Browse the Stadia Catalog Without An Account

This new first-touch experience has been steadily and incrementally improving over the last couple months and now feels fairly complete. A potential user can now really and truly be into a game in under a minute from landing at as well as get a good idea of the current library and check out the cost of a game they’ve been eyeing.

It’s a pretty nice first experience with the platform for people who stumble across the site. And, the revamp takes away a lot of the mystery of game selection and cost before signup.


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